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Let's face it, closet space is a precious commodity, and getting the most out of it is crucial for keeping a tidy home space. One of the easiest and most effective ways to create more space in your closet is to choose the right types of clothes hangers. By choosing hangers that are designed to save space, you can significantly increase the amount of room you have for your clothing, accessories and other items.

In this blog post, we'll discuss several types of clothes hangers that can help you save space in your closet. We'll also explore the benefits of each type of hanger and provide a recommendation that will save you time and energy!

Slimline Hangers from Welcome Objects

Slimline Hangers

Our first townhome had a lot to like about it, unfortunately closet space wasn't one of those things.  The closets were short, shallow and came without a bar to hang things on.  Negotiating for closet space with my husband felt like negotiating a peace treaty.  We ended up purchasing an IKEA wardrobe to supplement this space.  Although still space limited, we found that by changing out our thick plastic hangers for thin Slimline Hangers, we could hang twice the clothing items.  Just this little bit of extra space allowed us to tidy up the remainder of the closet and bring our space under control.

Slimline hangers are a popular option for saving space in a closet. These hangers are thinner than traditional hangers, which means you can fit more of them in a given space. According to the Real Simple Blog, "You can fit three times as many slimline hangers in your closet as you can traditional hangers." This means you'll be able to hang more clothing in your closet without having to sacrifice valuable space.

Recommendation: Slimline Black Shirt Hangers by Closet Hanger Factory 


Cascading Hangers from Magic Closets

Cascading Hangers

After many lackluster closet makeovers, I've learned the hard-way that preserving closet space and organizing to save time is all that matters.  One trick I found helpful is to hang work outfits vertically with a Cascading Hanger. When your cute outfits are facing out, they're easier to see and compare. They also save space making the closet more presentable and tidy.

Cascading hangers are designed to hang vertically, which allows you to stack multiple hangers on top of each other. This can be especially helpful for items like pants or skirts, which can take up a lot of horizontal space on a traditional hanger.  By using cascading hangers, you can create a more streamlined and efficient closet that allows you to see all of your clothing items at once.

Recommendation: 9-in-1 Clothing Hanger by Magic Closets


IEOKE Premium Velvet Hangers

Velvet Hangers by the Spruce

Velvet Hangers

Unlike plastic or wire hangers that can leave dents or creases in clothing, velvet hangers provide a soft and non-slip grip that keeps clothes in place without damaging them. The slim design of the hangers also saves space, allowing for more items to fit in a closet. Not only do velvet hangers provide a practical solution for organizing clothes, their sleek and elegant appearance can also add a touch of luxury to a closet. Overall, using velvet hangers can make the process of getting dressed more enjoyable and efficient.

Recommendation: Yaheetch Cascading Non Slip Velvet Hangers


Magic Hangers 2.0

S-Shaped Hanger by Magic Closets

S-Shaped Hangers

When you're forced to wear wrinkly pants because you don't have enough space to hang them properly in the closet, you've got to improvise.  S-shaped hangers such as our Magic Hanger 2.0 is the perfect solution.  Magic Hanger 2.0 can hang up to 9 pairs of pants vertically, they take up much less hanger space and allow you to easily view what is available.

S-shaped hangers are a unique type of hanger that can save space in the closet. These hangers are designed to hold multiple items at once, which means you can hang more clothing in a smaller amount of space.  My husband uses them for his work pants and always leaves the house looking sharp.

Recommendation: Magic Hanger 2.0 by Magic Closets

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